Define average!

So, I recently read an article asking me if I had achieved the same as the average 30 something. My first question was, what is an average 30 something? Am I above average, below average…define average! I started to panic…will I make the grade, have I achieved everything the average 30 year old should have achieved…what have I missed, all of this before I even continued to read the content of the article.

It opened with “The average 30-something prefers Oasis to Blur, drives a hatchback vehicle and has £4,300 in savings, so do you match up?”, it’s not looking so good for me!

“The generic 30-year-old will watch Game of Thrones over Strictly Come Dancing, go out to dinner twice a month and spend more of their earnings on pubbing than clubbing” – okay, this sounds more like me…so am I a generic 30 something, rather than an average 30 something…generic, ugh…I sound so bland!

According to the article, there is a simple quiz to determine if I am an ‘average 30 something’. If I say YES to 15 or more of the following statements, apparently, I should celebrate as I am considered ‘average’!

1. Married or in a relationship

2. Lives with their partner/spouse

3. Have been coupled up for around 7 years

4. Live in a home worth £240,000

5. Satisfied overall with career

6. Salary: £24,000

7. £343 per month disposable income

8. Spends most money on rent and bills

9. Wants to spend on clothing and technology

10. Goes to pubs over clubs

11. Devotes more money to dinner out than groceries

12. Takes one long holiday a year

13. Has £4,300 in savings

14. Favourite Music: Queen, The Beatles, Take That

15. Favourite TV shows: Friends, Big Bang Theory, Britain’s Got Talent

16. Favourite Films: Dirty Dancing, Home Alone, The Shawshank Redemption

17. Favourite Film Genre: Action, Rom-Com

18. Pet: Dog

19. Drives a Hatchback

20. Two nights out and two meals out a month

I matched 9…so below average and according to the article I “need to hit the targets to catch up with my peers” WTF!

At first, I felt ashamed, I am not even average, I am slacking as a 30 something! Am I not up to being a 30 something, have I blacked out and missed a chunk of my life, when I should have been preparing to match 15 or more of the above statements. Where did I go wrong? 

Then I thought about it…who wants to be average? Never in my life have I aimed for average, I have always wanted to be true to myself, follow my own path, and just be happy and I think I have achieved that. To be honest, I am surprised one of the statements wasn’t about having a baby…I am continually asked when am I having a baby, it would seem this is something the average 30 something female is also expected to do…no pressure, but his is a whole other blog post!

In short, why be average, when you can be different!


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